• Contractingfor Small Businesses and Governments Learn to Contract in the Government Marketspace

    Learning to do business with the government takes an understanding of the processes and preparation involved. GC Institute contracting classes provides a series of guided steps that need to be followed well before securing contract funding. GC Institute will help you navigate the necessary steps to get started.>

  • Business Creationand Idea Protection Let's Get ready to Start and Protect

    Whatever your business model, GC Institute can take you through the steps to turn your idea into a profitable business. Of course you must be ready to start. GC Institute can also guide you through the steps to protect your idea from start to finish. Take one of our business startup classes before taking the first step to get started. >

  • Licensing and Certification Construction and Healthcare Requirements for Grants and ContractsGC Institute provides training for entrepreneurs wishing to provide services to the healthcare and construction industries. Learn how to start a nonprofit or not for profit in the healthcare and construction industries. Learn the required steps to get stated and the procedures to receive grants and contracts in these industries.


  • Social Entrepreneurshipand Grants Learn how Grant Donations are Made

    Learn the facts about securing grants from various types of organizations including the government. Learn how to navigate the marketspace and the necessary steps to start the social entrepreneurship process. Learn what is necessary to get the correct approvals for grant funds. Also, learn how to manage grants once it is received.>

  • Business Acquisitionsand Nonprofit Startups Training and Consultation for Startups

    High TechMinds Multimedia DIGITAL provides digitation for Internet Domains, online digital media distribution, and database ownership rights, and content sharing. >

About Us

GC Institute provides grants and contracts training and consultation for small businesses, nonprofits and governments.

The Grants and Contracts Training Institute (GC Institute), a division of High TechMinds Multimedia was founded in 2006. GC Institute specializes in training, and management. It also provides specialized technical and social tools for learning. GC Institute is a training think tank that provides the necessary skills, information and training for business creation and workforce development. It educates through business information, marketing data, social entrepreneurship, and digital media.

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GC Institute along with High Techminds provides digital content training.More >

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Reseach and acquisition contract marketing and management.. More >

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High TechMinds Multimedia digitizes and manages digital content and licensing.More >

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