About High TechMinds


Training and Developing Small Businesses and Nonprofits in business leadership and Technology since 2006

Created in 2006, High TechMinds Multimedia, HTM is a veteran owned six-thousand (6,000) Square feet state-of-the-art business and technology training loff located in Lanham, MD.  HTM works in collaboration with a number of local, regional and national organizations to promote small business leadership, training, and technology growth in our communities.


High TechMinds Multimedia Growth Tools

High TechMinds Multimedia help small businesses start and grow with leadership and technology tools.  Our mission is to be the premier provider of full service educational and support services to small businesses in Prince George's County and beyond;  enabling them to prosper and make a significant contribution to a vibrant local economy.


High TechMinds Core Value

High TechMinds Multimedia (HTM) provides education training, technical assistance, business incubation services, marketing media, networking opportunities, and nonprofit services. 

What High TechMinds believe in


We first believe in spirituality. We believe in the power of God.  It is like the wind which is invisible to our eyes, but the movement can be heard and seen in the movement of the water and the trees.   


High TechMinds mission is to provide unparalleled  training for the next generation of business and technology leaders.


High TechMinds Vision is to recruit and train thousands of young adults for future business and technology jobs.


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