Grants and Contracts Training for Small Businesses and Nonprofits. 

High TechMinds actually build world class businesses

How to Build a Website

This class will show you how to build a website and guide you in setting up your website business or nonprofit.  Space is limited.  Sign up now!

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How to Write a Grant

This class teaches you everything that you need to know to start a Grant Writing Business from the ground up.

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Does your Business Need a Website

High TechMinds Multimedia Website development for small business and nonprofits.

Your website is the storefront to your business.  Without one potential clients may not know you exist.High TechMinds can create your website for you or you can create your own very lucrative website design business and start earning your way to success with classes at High TechMinds Multimedia. 

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Create a Charity

"Do good, have fun, and the money will come" is one of Sir Richard Branson's better known quotes. More and more small businesses are taking pleasure in doing good and setting up their own charities and foundations.

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Government Contracts

The government spends nearly $440 billion a year with small businesses. 

High TechMinds can help you go through the process and work within the rules for supplying goods and services to the U.S. government.

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Business Formation

Structure your business at High TechMinds Multimedia

Technology Training Classes

Attend one of our many classes at High TechMinds. 

Training Space

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Business Plans

The Importance of Developing a Business Plan

It's All About the Plan

The business plan is an important document needed in starting a new business or nonprofit.  It is  designed as a  "road map" to guide the future of any business or nonprofit.

The business plan should provide a journey or story about your business, and explain who, what, when, where, how and why about the business.

Trademarks and Copyrights

High TechMinds safeguards your business with the help of laws that grant you certain time-limited

rights to control the use of your intellectual goods and services, with Trademarks, and Copyrights.

Corporate Event Space

High TechMinds Multimedia (HTM) provides business and technology training space for small businesses and nonprofits. 


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